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Chili Pepper Flakes, 35K HU

Chili Pepper Flakes, 35K HU


Chili Pepper Flakes can add a richness of flavor and a medium heat, without being overwhelming. They can add flair to any American, Asian, Mexican, Tex-Mex, Cajun, and Creole cooking. Chili Pepper Flakes are the proper pepper to use when a recipe calls for the ingredient "red pepper flakes".

  • You can add the flakes to salsa, avocado dip, taco and enchilada sauces, vegetable dips, dressings, chili, pizza, and omelets for an extra zesty flavor.

  • You can even spice up a meat marinade or barbeque sauce with a shake of Chili Flakes.

  • Makes a delicious dipping sauce for bread when the flakes are infused in olive oil.

  • They are also often used as a table condiment, adding a pleasant heat and attractive appearance to any dish.

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