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Orris Root

Orris Root

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Medicinal herbs serve many different purposes. Orris Root, or Iris x germanica, has been commonly used for perfumes, potpourris and sachets because of its unique violet-like fragrance.

Dried Orris Root is a staple of potpourri mixes due to its color and violet scent. The rhizomes of the Orris Root are harvested in late August and freed of the rootlets and brown outer bark. After that, the herbs are then dried and packed in casks for sale.

Orris Root wholesale herbs are often used as flavoring in candies or as a base for certain items like toothpastes and perfume.

Because of the Orris Root has a scent similar to violets, these dried herbs were very popular during the 19th and 20th century. Orris Root Cut and Sifted is now commonly used to scent and preserve in pomander balls, spice wreaths, or sachets.

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