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Goldenseal Root, Powdered

Goldenseal Root, Powdered

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Goldenseal Root, or Hydrastis canadensis, is among those natural herbs that are members of the buttercup family. Native to the northeastern woodland biome of New England, Quebec and the Maritime Provinces of Canada (hence the name Hydrastis canadensis), Goldenseal Root is thick and knotted, with a yellowish color. It is a perennial plant that blooms in late May and early June, then bears a single raspberry-like fruit in the summer before it dies back in late September and October.

The active ingredients in Goldenseal Root are alkaloid in nature; excessive use of such herbs may result in gastro-intestinal irritation. Women who are pregnant and/or lactating as well as young children should avoid ingesting this herb. The effects and benefits of such Native American herbs have not been tested nor approved by the FDA; quality bulk herbs should be used under guidance of a licensed herbalist, naturopathic doctor or other medical professional.

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