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Fo TI Root, Thinly sliced

Fo TI Root, Thinly sliced

from 18.16

Fo-ti Root, the scientific name of which is Polygonum multiflorum, goes by many different names, the most colorful of which may be He-Sho Wu, a Mandarin name meaning "He has black hair." All Fo-ti Root is cured in a black bean solution during processing.

Fo-ti Root has an important place among the medicinal herbs that make up the pharmacopeia of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). According to Chinese tradition, dried Fo-ti Root should be prepared by boiling it in the same water used to cook black beans; its primary purpose is to restore balance to the body's systems when the yin is weak.

While Western medicine has begun taking a serious scientific look at the natural herbs used in TCM, it should be noted that simply because something is an "herb" does not mean it is automatically safe. Bulk herbs contain several different biochemical substances. When you buy herbs in bulk at Starwest, you are assured of high quality and potency as well as purity; however, any herbal therapy should be undertaken under the guidance of a trained, licensed herbalist or other healthcare professional

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