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Boldo Leaf

Boldo Leaf

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Boldo Leaf is included in a group of natural herbs that increase the flow of bile and referred to as a Cholagoge. Known to botanists as Peumus boldus, the Boldo Leaf is just that - a leaf from a woody evergreen shrub (as opposed to true "herbs," which are perennials and do not have woody stems). Native to the lowlands of Peru and Chile, dried boldo leaf has been used by the Incas and Moche peoples of the region for centuries. 

Purchase your Peumus boldus powder from Starwest Botanicals and you're doing something good for the planet as well.

Warning: Not for use in persons with obstructions of the bile duct or serious liver conditions. In persons with gallstones, boldo should only be used under the supervision of a qualified practitioner.

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