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It's Not Easy Being Green

At Cook’s Natural Market, we’re big on being green and helping the planet. Today we’re going to tell you about all the things we do here to make sure we aren’t being wasteful and harming the environment around us.

What happens to all the food that doesn’t get sold?

One of the biggest issues that comes out of the food industry is the fact that there’s a disgustingly large amount of food waste. If a product is ugly, it gets thrown out, if it isn’t sold almost immediately, it gets thrown out. At Cook’s, we are extremely against this. If our produce isn’t selling, then we use it for other things to make sure there is no waste!

We use unsold produce by using it in our deli. Everything you see in our deli was made with fresh, organic, non-gmo, all natural ingredients that we have in the store. Why waste perfectly good food? Our sandwiches, juices, salads, and just about everything else uses produce from our shelves.

When using unsold produce, we CAREFULLY vet each fruit and vegetable to make sure it’s up to our standards. If we wouldn’t eat it, then we’re not going to make you eat it either. All of the scraps and produce that we don’t end up using at all for food goes to two different places. One place it goes to is our compost pile. Compost piles are amazing and perfect for reducing your carbon footprint while also helping to enrich the soil.

All of the scraps from our deli foods are used as well! We take these scraps and feed them to our chickens back at home. This means our chickens are getting to eat the best produce that is organic, fresh, and non-gmo. This makes it so that the eggs they lay are of the highest quality and taste amazing compared to the eggs from those giant super markets!

Great! What else do you do?

We recycle! Recycling is very important to us. If it can be recycled, then it GETS recycled by us. If you’ve ever been to the store, you’ll notice that at the entrance there’s a bunch of bins for recycling different products. Mrs. Cook is SO dedicated to recycling that she took time out of her day on Labor Day to go down to the Rogers Recycling Center to recycle a few things, and then to Walmart to recycle her plastic bags! You’ve probably seen Shelby or an employee rooting around in the cardboard out front, making sure everything is getting ready to be recycled. Recycling is incredibly important, and everyone should be doing it as much as they can. Practicing recycling is especially important for businesses. Businesses can generate a LOT of garbage. When you receive a package in the mail, you’ll notice that it’s usually wrapped in a ton of paper or bubble wrap, and then the boxes can be huge or difficult to tear apart and break. Now imagine that on a scale of a business like Cook’s like receives hundreds of items every single week. And THEN imagine a business like Walmart or Target that receives and sends out THOUSANDS and thousands of items EVERY DAY. Waste can pile up pretty quickly, even at a small scale. Waste can still pile up very quickly even if businesses and companies are making a conscious effort and working hard to recycle.

Speaking of waste, Cook’s is great at keeping waste levels extremely low. Since we recycle everything we possibly can, we generate a very low level of waste. In fact, the garbage companies only come once every two weeks because we just don’t make enough garbage for them to pick up anything until then!

Susana Cook